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Naturally, we all want to get back to putting on a production as soon as possible but after some lengthy debate exploring many avenues, it was unanimously decided that much as we wanted to make everyone aware that we were alive and kicking and back in business, attempting to put on a production in November/December would probably prove to be an unviable option. There are still far too many parameters surrounding what Covid  might still have waiting for us in the wings (forgive the pun!) as winter sets in.  Furthermore, despite the likelihood of a large proportion of any potential audience having received not only two vaccines but a booster and a ‘flu jab, people might still be very reluctant to come.  Add to that the fact that the Village Hall might still be subject to reduced capacity which could lead to a deficit in our funds. 


We are holding a further Play Reading Event on the  Tuesday 9th November from which we will decide which play to present in the last week of MARCH 2022

The Readings will take place in the Bidborough small Village Hall and will commence at 7.30.  But I will send out reminders a week before each one is due. We hope as many people as possible will come along as they are always great fun! What’s more, they often point the way to casting!

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